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Create online and mobile video channels for you and your company's training and information requirements.

ILEARNS is an easy to use and highly efficient means of supplying training material, whether Audio or Video.
Partnering with sector specific specialists the ILEARNS solution can provide both in house and industry acredited training with full management and audit capabilities.
Our training providers are at hand as required to help create and maintain specific custom packages of generic and dedicated training channels to ensure we meet your needs.

Legal iLearns

I-Learns understands that training can also be difficult to manage and maintain for solicitor’s with the added pressures and burdens of demanding clients and within global practices. I-Learns aims to deliver CPD accredited training videos to solicitors in a way which can enhance their experience of training and in a way that they can manage effectively. We believe the ability to view CPD accredited media on sophisticated mobile devices such as blackberrys and iphones as well as one's desktop and home laptops will not only work well within a busy solicitor’s lifestyle but also reduce the impact of time spent in training upon a firm’s billable hours.
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